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VOID club-Chelina Manuhutu at Global Zone - club VOID
VOID club-Chelina Manuhutu at Global Zone

VOID club-Chelina Manuhutu at Global Zone

Събота, 14 Октомври 2017г.
НАЧАЛО: 22:00
ВХОД: на място

Ellectrica 20 presents GLOBAL ZONE at Club Void, Plovdiv
Special Guest: CHELINA MANUHUTU, Amsterdam, Ibiza
Pacho & Pepo / Warm Up: Max BG & ILL-Q


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Информация за club VOID

Име: club VOID

За резервация: 088 852 0007

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ul. Atanas Samokovetza 2
Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Club VOID is a multi genre music club and event space in Plovdiv, Kapana district. We aim to develop club culture experience on a new level and create a scene for local and international music projects.
The club is technically supported by REOVOX - leading sound and light stage equipment company in Bulgaria. 
The club works as an inhouse promoting venue, with external promoters and also as a rental space.